Episode 1: The Winnipeg International Writer’s Festival

Hello readers and listeners!

I am so excited to release the very first episode in the Literally, Katrina podcast series!

In today’s episode, I chat with Charlene Diehl, Director of the Winnipeg International Writer’s Festival – Thin Air 2015 – as well as Méira Cook, one of Winnipeg’s own authors who will be speaking at multiple events during the festival to promote her new novel Nightwatching and poetry book Monologue Dogs. Thin Air is launching this Friday, September 18th – exciting things will be happening!

For more info on the festival (schedule, events, authors, etc.,), make sure to check out the Thin Air website – I’ll also be doing some blogging on the site leading up to and during the festival, so definitely head over there and take a peek!

Be sure to subscribe to the Literally, Katrina blog for updates and podcast episodes! You can also find the podcast on iTunes (coming soon!). Follow me on Twitter @LitKatrina and like the Literally, Katrina page on Facebook for more bookish fun. Thanks for listening!

Happy reading,

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