Episode 15: Life, Fire, Prose

Hello listeners!

I can’t believe today is the day – we’ve reached the end of Season 1 of the Literally, Katrina podcast! It’s been an incredible ride reading amazing books and chatting with extremely talented writers over the past year, and I’ve loved putting together these bi-weekly episodes. I hope you’ve enjoyed them, too!

In this week’s episode, I chat with budding local author Murat Ates. Murat and I met a few years ago, while we were both working at post-secondary institutions as recruiters (we were friendly rivals!). We’ve kept in touch over the past few years and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing his passion for writing grow from short stories on Facebook to full-on print projects. Things are only getting more exciting! Listen in as I chat with Murat about his most recent project, Life Fire Prose, and what he plans on doing next.

Now that we’re at the finale, I’d love your feedback. What have you liked about the podcast? Which author interview did you enjoy the most? What would you like to see more of? What would you change? Fill out this super quick survey (there are only 10 questions!) and let me know your thoughts!

You’ve all been such huge supporters of this podcast and I’m so grateful for you! This wraps up Season 1 of the Literally, Katrina podcast – thanks again for subscribing and listening in every two weeks!

Until next time, happy reading!

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