March Madness, booklover style

Dear readers,

I’m new to Twitter and I’m the first to admit how much of a neophyte I am when it comes to getting followers, favourites, and retweets. Pretty much all I do on Twitter is retweet things I find interesting and sometimes those retweets are fruitful (I got super excited when the UN ECOSOC President followed me!) and sometimes they are not (no favourites or retweets….again!?). It’s a good time.

In the beginning (and by that, I am referring to September, when CreComm made me get Twitter), I only followed news outlets so that I could stay up-to-date on what’s going on in the world. I didn’t want to follow celebrities because I didn’t want them to clutter my feed with “how cute is Nori?!” tweets. And this made my Twitter experience a little bit boring. But as the months have gone by, I have started following authors and publishers…and I’m telling you, I kind of love Twitter now!

Here are two of the coolest book-related things I’ve found out about thanks to my new friend Twitter:

  1. I started following Harper Collins Canada (@SavvyReader) a few weeks ago and found out about this little bit of genius: HCC March Madness. It’s like basketball but better. Readers have the chance to vote on their favourite books in different brackets – there are 64 books to vote on in four different brackets and only one will be the winner. Round One is on now until March 15th so head to the HCC March Madness website and start voting! Why? Because you have the chance to win all 64 books!
  2. I also started following Random House Canada (@RandomHouseCA) a few weeks ago and found out about this brilliant idea: Reading Bingo Challenge 2015. I’m so in love. It’s all about reading Canadian literature – if you’ve been itching to read some Margaret Atwood mysteries or get your hands on a Scotiabank Giller Prize-winning novel, now’s the time. One of the squares to fill in is read “A book by L.M. Montgomery” and as I have Anne of Green Gables sitting on my shelf, I think I better get started.

Check out the Reading Bingo Challenge 2015 card and find out where you should start!

Random House Canada's Reading Bingo card
Random House Canada’s Reading Bingo card

Follow Random House Canada and Harper Collins Canada on Twitter and take your reading to the next level!

Happy reading,


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