Bright lights and the big city….of Lockport

Hello readers,

Today we’re taking a break from books (I know, how dare we cheat on books?!) to talk about Lockport. Lockport, you ask? Yes, friends, the cute little hamlet of Lockport, located 25 km north of Winnipeg.

I visited a shop in town that is oh-so-cute, so I wanted to share some photos and a story with you!


Huda Haddad, owner of Eveline Street Clothing boutique, is in a rush to make it to the airport. She’s celebrating her one-year wedding anniversary in Banff and her flight leaves in an hour.


“I’m just leaving but come in and play. Try on anything you want. Try on these shoes,” she says, pointing to a bright green and purple pair. “You’ll love them. Most of these are custom. I have the best selection of Fluevogs in Manitoba.”

Fluevog Shoes
Fluevog Shoes


With that, she hands the store keys off to long-time customer-turned-employee Jaime Bouw and hits the road.


“That’s Huda,” says Bouw, 55, laughing. “She’s a whirlwind.”


Bouw is working her first shift alone at the store. Her regular gig is teaching girls about self-esteem and body positivity at a school in St. Andrews. She also teaches classes at Growing Years, a family resource centre in Selkirk. This weekend, she’s helping out at the boutique while Haddad is away.

cute clothes!
cute clothes!


Bouw gives us full run of the store, letting us try on dresses and rearrange shoe displays for photographs. When I hold up a coral sundress and ask its size, Bouw tells me that it’s one-size-fits-all.


Haddad says that Eveline Street is all about loving who you are. Size doesn’t matter here.


“I really feel strongly that women need to love their bodies,” Bouw says. “You come in here and everything fits you.”


“Huda’s so capable of making you feel like the most beautiful person in the world, no matter what you’re wearing,” she says. “I think that’s what women are looking for.”


Haddad’s 21-year-old business has been built on creating relationships with the women that visit her store.


“This is a different kind of shopping experience,” Bouw explains. “It’s not just about making money – she delivers so much more.”



Open seven days a week from noon to 5 p.m., and located 25 kilometers north of Winnipeg, Haddad’s store is a stone’s throw from Lockport’s legendary locks. You can find the rustic shop beside Lockport Grocery – General Store and Liquor Vendor on Highway 44. For more information about Lockport, visit You can also visit Haddad’s Facebook page at

When you visit Eveline Street Clothing, you are guaranteed to gain a few friends and a boost in self-confidence. You may leave Lockport with a lighter wallet, but you will also leave with a lighter heart.

Cute, right?

Next week on the blog, we’ll get back to books! I’m almost finished reading The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins, and people, it’s crazy. More on that in the coming weeks!

Happy reading,



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