Episode 10: To Market, to Mark-it

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 5.15.28 PMHello listeners!

This week’s episode is dedicated to the business of book markets. Three times a year, St. Vital Mall hosts a book sale to raise funds for the Children’s Hospital, and this is where I buy most of my books for the year! You can’t beat the deals (new hardcovers for less than $5, softcovers for $1.50 – it’s a dream) and the funds raised go directly to the Children’s Hospital Foundation, so you can feel good about your purchases, too!

In this week’s episode, I chat with Carol Irving from the Children’s Hospital Guild of Manitoba, who organizes the Children’s Hospital Book Markets each year. We talk about how the book markets got started, the work the amazing volunteers do to get everything ready for the book markets, and where the funds go. I also share my tips and tricks for tackling a book market.

literallykatrina bookmarkIn other news, to spread the word about the Literally, Katrina podcast, I’ve hidden bookmarks (for a sneak peek, see the image at left) at bookstores across the city in bestsellers, books we’ve talked about on the podcast, and all my favourites – if you pick up a book with one in it, it’s yours to keep or give away! Go forth and have fun! And don’t forget to tell your friends about the podcast.

Thanks to the Children’s Hospital Book Market organizers and volunteers for all the work you do, and thanks to Carol Irving – it was a pleasure learning more about the book markets! Don’t forget to stop by the Children’s Hospital Book Market taking place on February 4, 5, and 6 at St. Vital Mall.

Thanks for listening to this week’s episode. I’ll be back in two weeks with local author Gerald Sliva. Don’t forget to subscribe to Literally, Katrina on iTunes (or the Apple Podcast App), like Literally, Katrina on Facebook and Pinterest, follow me on Twitter @LitKatrina, and add me on Insta @LitKatrina.

Until next time, happy reading!

Stay Tuned…

Hello readers!

Today was my last day of school until September and I’m definitely on ‘Cloud 9’ because we all know what no more school means for me – more time to read books!

To start the holidays off right, I went to the Children’s Hospital Book Market at St. Vital Mall (on now until tomorrow!) and pops and I picked up a few gems. Now, I generally classify book market week as the most wonderful time of year (besides Christmas, obviously, because you all know how much I love Christmas), but I’ll admit to dropping the ball this year. The sale started on Tuesday and by the time dad and I got there yesterday, a lot of books by the authors we tend to read were already gone. We were a little bummed, armed as we were with our lists of books by authors so that we could fill in the holes in series we own, but managed to look on the bright side of things and explore new titles. We walked away with six new treasures (dad calls them ‘mercy buys’) so that we could support this worthy cause. As you head into the weekend, consider stopping by the mall and perusing the tables upon tables of wonderful books longing to be read!

I’m heading out of town tomorrow for a weekend of fun and relaxation (and shopping!) and can’t wait to start Kimberly McCreight’s newest release, Where They Found Her.

Can't wait to dig into this one this weekend!
Can’t wait to dig into this one this weekend!

It’s sure to be a thrilling mystery and I am looking forward to having time to fully immerse myself in the story on my road trip (trust me, I won’t be driving – safety first, kids!).

Over the summer, I’ll also be developing a new project that I’ll be unveiling in autumn! Fun stuff! So stay tuned, my dear loyal readers, as exciting things are happening. Although school has come to an end, I will still check in on the blog whenever I can and entertain you with all things bookish throughout the summer. You’ve all been an amazing support and I’ve loved chatting with you about books and life and all things literary.

Happy reading, much love, and many thanks,