On the Road Again

Hello wanderers! It would seem that about every two years, I get the itch to go on an adventure. Usually, these trips line up with a milestone in my life … Continue reading On the Road Again

What not to do: when travelling with someone

Hi all! It’s week three of the Wanderlust + Heart and Hopeless Wanderer blog series, and this week, Elizabeth is exploring what not to do when travelling with someone. Make … Continue reading What not to do: when travelling with someone

Beachy keen!

Hey travellers! Living in Winterpeg, as it’s so often and lovingly referred, is awesome…but long winters and extreme weather can take its toll on you. Today, we got our first … Continue reading Beachy keen!

Walk your own walk…

Hi all, Each and every one of us has our own travel style. Some of us prefer luxurious all-inclusive vacations, while some of us like survivor-style wilderness adventures. I’m somewhere in … Continue reading Walk your own walk…

I wonder, I wander

Hello, all! I just finished watching this week’s episode of Amazing Race Canada (hilarious, amazing, I’m in love) and I’m suffering from a major case of the travel bug. There’s … Continue reading I wonder, I wander